José del Carmen Pérez Damas

Ing. Petrolero con MBA
Asesor independiente en procesos de Ingeniería de Intervenciones a Pozos y seguimiento táctico


Acerca de mi:

I have experience and knowledge in: Operations development of oil well in drilling, completion and maintenance operations; maintenance of drilling rig; Wells services; drilling and completion design in Offshore (deep and shallow waters) and onshore; Elaboration of technical bases for tenders; strategic plans to support the goals to reach the objective of exploratory Wells.

My goals are to: support with my experience and knowledge related to the petroleum industry and to continue to improve my performance to optimize the processes in the work associated to the drilling, completion and maintenance of oil wells.


Profesional independiente

Engineering manager and monitoring of exploratory wells:
Pemex Exploracion y Produccion – 38 años

Multidisciplinary group of design and exploratory wells interventions PEP:
May. 2012 – may. 2018
Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
Leader of strategic plans to support the goals to reach the objective of exploratory Wells, Deep water, shallow-water (offshore), and land (onshore).

Multidisciplinary Group of Design and Interventions of Exploratories Wells. PEMEX
Ene. 2012 – may. 2018
Villahermosa, Tabasco, México
Design, monitoring and execution of exploratory wells, in Mexico

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